Forerunner is a San Francisco-based consumer and commerce-focused venture capital firm. While we invested in the first wave of Direct Channel Pioneers, like Warby Parker, Chime, Glossier, Away, and Dollar Shave Club, our recent investments cover a wide range of topics affecting consumers’ lives and livelihoods—commerce enablement tools, empowerment economy platforms, marketplaces, healthtech, fintech, and more. Some more recent investments include Faire, Curated, ŌURA, The Yes, Calibrate, and Fabric. For more information, visit

What is “CQ”?

Consumer Quotient, n.—

a. the ability to see beyond people as data points; to build and nurture relationships, to understand how those drive and influence individuals’ wants and needs. IQ + EQ = CQ
b. Forerunner’s unique formula to understand the market and consumers
c. Forerunner’s weekly newsletter

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